June 13, 2009

Westfest Weekend


Things are good.

We're about to leave for Westfest, and we're getting a ride, which means we can bring the puppy! Morty's going to have his bum patted by half of Westboro.

Also, my conundrum about never having time alone to write songs may have fixed itself. It came in the form of an invite to house sit for three weeks, and dang, if it means I can finish some songs, I'll be thrilled as a pickle.

(Pickles are thrilling, no?)
Also, it's hot out. I love that shit.


Tom Sawyer said...

Kee-riste! I'm startin' to fall in luv with that friggin' dog of yours. Where can I get me one?

Lynn said...

I'm not really a pickle person. Maybe I need to give them another try, though. I've been pulling the pickle out of my McDonald's hamburgers since I was a kid.

Anyway, I posted a reader profile for you at Blog Out Loud this morning -- let me know if I left out any good stuff :).


La Canadienne said...

Your dog is such a cutie!

Stella said...

Tom: Bulldogs aren't super common, so it took us a lot of research to find a breeder who was nearby and reputable.... But it was worth it!

Lynn: Eat a Mrs. White's kosher dill, and you might change your mind. I've got a jar right here...

Love the profile! Thanks!

LC: Oh, isn't he though?

raino said...

oh, i wish i had run into you at westfest. i could have padded pooches bum. so cute. love that pic