June 21, 2009

Walking Upright


So how did the wedding go? 97% awesome.

The two awkward moments I was fretting about did not go the way I imagined they would. The first was not awkward at all; it was lovely and friendly and good. I was so pleased, I was practically beaming.

The second awkward moment was approximately ten times more awkward than I expected, pretty much obliterating the good feelings from the first encounter. But I learned something from all the bullshit.

First, I realized that I've become very good at putting away old feuds for the sake of being genuine and kind. I'm not trying to brag or make myself seem saintly. I have a fine roster of faults, but I generally give people the benefit of the doubt, and I'm happy to let bygones be bygones if the other party seems willing.


I am also not interested in wasting my time playing nice if the other person behaves like, oh, I don't know... A catty bitch. Once I've determined that someone won't take the time to be friendly, I will gladly cut my losses and let them fuck off and play by themselves. There's way more to life than faking my way through awful conversations with awful people. Like dancing, for example. And cake. And an open bar.

Yes, it was an open bar. I didn't realize until I tried to pay for my drink(s).

And yes, I am walking upright today, thank you.

Just barely.


Lynn said...

Rock on. I think it's a landmark of adulthood when you finally realize that it's okay if not everyone loves you, and some so-called friendships are not worth the bother and stress. Good for you!