June 19, 2009

Paper Bag Songwriter


I like the transition that happens to my fingertips when music really picks up. They go from being soft and squishy to being rock hard and rough. When I tap them on a table top, they go click click click instead of thump thump thump.

It makes me feel like I'm getting things done. Physical evidence that I'm practicing, right?

We had a rehearsal last night for the Vinyl Cafe show. Did I tell you that I'm bringing two bandmates with me instead of one? Brian will be there, of course, and so will Jeff. Jeff has grown a giant beard since I last saw him, and he officially looks like a lumberjack.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that hearing them both sing harmony on my songs gives me full-body shivers. It's just so nice, and they are both so good. Sometimes I'm amazed that I get to play with them. They make me look like I know what I'm doing.

I also think they are both pretty thrilled to be part of the show. Jeff said his parents freaked out when they heard. I just hope the tickets aren't gone - does anyone know if both nights are full? I don't really understand the Ticketmaster site.

Tomorrow is my friends' wedding. Their gift came in the mail yesterday, so other than losing the invite and not having an outfit picked out, I'm ready to go. I wrote HSB to find out the details, because it would be so incredibly lame to show up at the wrong church. I imagine the invite was misplaced while I reorganizing my desk. Cruel, cruel irony.

Providing I show up at the right place, I think it will be a great time. It will give me a chance to disconnect my brain from gig nervousness. I'm getting my hair re-striped tonight, so at at very least I will have proper platinum to brown contrasting. That will surely distract people from the fact that I'll be wearing a paper bag.


xup said...

"Friend's wedding", riiiiigggghhhttt. Tee hee. Those of us in the know, KNOW!

Anonymous said...

For tickets. Try calling ticket master, I've gotten better seats than the website and they seemed to have better information.