June 7, 2009

Unexpected Win


Well THAT went well.

I figured I would trainwreck at today's gig because, as you know, I'm sick as a dog. While the nausea passed, I still had a fever going into the Black Sheep and hadn't tested out my voice yet.

From my perspective, I sang badly and made very little sense when I rambled on about my songs. I started off the set with chills and halfway through, like magic, I started to sweat my brains out like someone had turned up the heat. Chaaarming.

But the audience was clapping and laughing at my jokes, and I even saw some people singing along. I sold CDs and got more praise than I do at some of my best shows. So hey, I may have felt like total ass, but the performance apparently didn't suck.*

I left early though, because I didn't want to get everyone sick, and my vision was blurry. A good reason, I think.

Now I'm bundled up in pajamas, about to watch some Harry Potter, and eating the goodies Milan dropped off to make me feel better. My BH made me a spicy matso ball soup and if that doesn't cure me, I don't know what will.

*That's good, because my former boss's boss's boss was there with her whole family, and I didn't want to disappoint them... Apparently her kids keep my CD on repeat. CUTE, but oh man, I feel for that woman. Anything sounds bad after 100 plays.