June 18, 2009



- Our anniversary was great. Low key, but really great. My BH made my favourite curry dish for dinner - a spicy shrimp stew with a lentil dal. For dessert, he whipped up a batch of chocolate pudding and topped it with my favourite mini sponge cakes from a bakery nearby. We watched Before Sunset and tried to do some kissing, but Morty kept climbing on my BH's head and chewing on his ears. Thanks, Morty. Then we went to the dog park and MET ANOTHER DOG NAMED MORDICHAI. No shit.

- The next week and a half is going to be insane! Rehearsals, weddings, birthdays, hair colouring, pedicures with my Bubbi... And then the big show. I think it's going to be great, but I might go totally bonkers in the process. My calender is so messy I'm having trouble figuring out where I'm supposed to be every day. My immediate brain response is usually: "In the bath, eating cake."

- Two funny things from my work: a dude at a nearby desk yelled this out a few days ago, "But I can crochet! That's got to count for something!" It's been cracking me up ever since, I do't even know what he was talking about. Also, remember when I got that crazy flu? Turns out someone on my floor has tested positive for H1N1. Yes, swine flu. Is it possible I had the infamous piggy cold? Apparently so! Rock and roll!


Nat said...

We've been so weirdly sick that I wouldn't be surprised if I brought it home two weeks ago... they tell me it isn't swine flu. Me, I'm not so sure.

La Canadienne said...

Oh my God, keep him, that food sounds delicious.

aandjblog said...

I agree with La Canadienne. Yum!

I love that someone yelled that out in your office. Makes life just a little more interesting doesn't it?

Stella said...

Nat: I had totally dismissed it until I found out that people at work had it... The good news is, it's like any other flu I've had. Shitty, and it goes away eventually.

LC: Okay, I will!

J: Yup, I didn't really have him pegged as the crochet type...