June 28, 2009

The Size of a Walrus


Wow, waking up this morning felt like Christmas.

I poked my BH and said, "Hey! Wake up! The first show is tomorrow!" He responded with a "bleuuuh..." but I know he meant "That's cool, babe."

Rehearsal today was great, and I feel really good about how we'll perform when the mics are running. Everything is in three-part harmony and the boys have their bass/guitar parts hammered out. I even have my outfits picked, which (let's be honest) is half the battle.*

Now it's just the waiting. I need to get through this evening and tomorrow morning without becoming a blubbering mess. When I'm actually setting up and singing, I'll have no choice but to calm down and do my job. It's the part before that I'm worried about.

I think I'll distract myself by cooking. I've already made a nice Macedonian salad, chocolate cookies and a strawberry rhubarb grunt (much yummier than it sounds), so maybe it's time to break out some garlic roasted potatoes and marinated trout.

And maybe I'll bake a cake too.


But anyway. That's probably just the nerves talking.

*Tight hot pink skirt the first night, crazy green dress the second night. I'll be bringing the SEXY. Or at least that's the plan.


xup said...

What???? BH was SLEEPING?

Anonymous said...

Dude. I'm so pumped for you.

aandjblog said...

Good luck today! I'll be thinking of you.

Bob said...

The size of a HAWT walrus.

Best of luck tonight. Know you'll blow the crowd away.

Nat said...

Must be some cake if it makes you bloat like that... :)

You'll rock it girl. Good luck with the Hawk tomorrow.