June 2, 2009



I wrote another piece of song yesterday - I think the trick is to sneak to the bedroom while Morty is sleeping, and start playing before he wakes up and tries to join me. That way he'll hear the guitar and be too scared to follow.

Having a dog who is frightened of instruments is tough. I love that pup, but how he ended up with a banjo phobia is beyond me. I'm a freaking songwriter. It's what I do.

(Actually, it might be even worse if Morty did this)

Strangely, while he's scared of my instruments, he's a total tough guy on walks and tries to take off people's legs if they come to close to me without warning. Very protective. I pity the fool who tries to mug me. The last thing they'll see is a giant drooling bulldog flying through the air.

I had a nice talk with HSB last night about all the potential awkward moments that may present themselves at this upcoming wedding. It's just going to be one of those odd situations where everybody has dated each other at some point, and now we have to manage the sea of exes and burned bridges that follow. I was planning on pre-drinking a bit, but it might be easier if I arrive drunk.

I'm only partially kidding. There's a good chance it'll just be awesome fun and nothing awkward will happen at all. I'm just trying to be prepared.

Funny that I've mapped out the possible personal clashes, but I haven't bothered to find an outfit! I'm thinking fishnets.

And maybe a dress.


Hannah said...

I almost got bitten by a dog on my walk to work yesterday morning. I was running to catch the bus and kinda surprised this little dog who got quite upset with me. LOL.

As for the wedding and any possible awkwardness, I'm sure it will be fine. Most people behave at these types of events.:)

Stella said...

Hannah, sucks that you were almost bitten! And yes, I'm sure the wedding will be great - it is a wedding, after all!

xup said...

Dress? Pshaw!! It's never good to upstage the bride and I'm sure she'll be wearing a dress, right?