June 9, 2009

Sponge Cake


I'm still quite sick. I haven't been at work so far this week, but I have to go in tomorrow no matter how I feel. Things are due.

I haven't been "flu" sick in many years, and it's strange how it has completely knocked me on my ass. I feel very weak, and spend most of my time sleeping or trying to sleep. Morty has been trying to cuddle me by lying on my face, which caused several instances of panic when I had difficulties breathing in. Bulldog weight combined with already-laboured lungs, right.

The sickness has taken away my sense of smell and taste, which is just cruel. These are highly-valuable senses, sickness! As a result, I haven't had much of an appetite. Eating things for texture got tired after I downed a whole mango. It didn't even taste like mango, it tasted like Cold and Wet. Booo.

I know I have to eat, so today I had a piece of sponge cake and a pickle. Things are looking up! My BH is making me a nice dinner, and I'm hoping that the sheer number of jalapenos in his salsa will wake up my mouth.

In other news, after reading through a cookbook from New Orleans, I've decided that I absolutely have to go there. As soon as possible. Right now, even. Let's go! I'm sure my cold will take one look at the cuisine and leave my body out of sympathy.


La Canadienne said...

Spicy salsa = clear sinuses.

Hannah said...

As someone who spent ALOT of time being sick this Spring, you have my sympathy.
Drink lots of water and echinacea and you'll be fine.:)