August 20, 2009

Would You Look At That Face


I've had some amazing shots of Morty just sitting around on my computer. Problem is, the photos were too massive to upload to the blog. Also, my internet was too slow to download a program to make the pictures smaller. You see my frustration?

Anyway, I've just spent an hour swearing and growling at the computer, and it finally seems to have listened up. WISE CHOICE, MACHINE. You have no idea what kind of a mood I'm in.

And really? I can't keep these pictures to myself.

Would you look at that face?

We were all napping in the sun, and holy shitballs, it was warm.

Lucy the hound was visiting at the time. Morty loves her something fierce, if you catch my drift. In a more-than-friends kind of way. It gets a little heated sometimes.

Morty says goodnight, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. That's a full-on camera nuzzle for you.

I need to catch up on some much needed sleep. I'll write an update on the Irene's gig tomorrow! With photos! Photos that aren't the size of a billboard!


Hannah said...

Awww!! Morty is beyond adorable! I just want to kiss his big face! :)