August 7, 2009

Octopus Balls

It's been one heckuva week. I am so thankful that it's Friday.

Yesterday was a really pleasant break from the norm - my oldest friend M-A came to visit. I've known her since I was... Born. Pretty much. We lived in a place called Moose Factory together. Not many people get to say that. And no, as far as I understand, they don't export moose (mooses?). If they specialize in anything, it's black flies. I still remember those bites, and I was only two years old at the time.

They were bad.

But then, northern Ontario is a special sort of place.

M-A is also the lovely gal who'll be putting my BH and I up in Japan next year. Her Tokyo adventures have completely inspired me to go visit, and I swear I heard my BH squeal when she said there was an entire street dedicated only to Japanese cookware. Who knew pans for making octopus balls were so exciting? Okay, I did.

(To learn about the wondrous world of octopus balls, feel free to consult my favourite online cooking station: Cooking with Dog).

I'm feeling so drained lately. It sounds silly, but I work all day, come home and play with Morty, feed him, feed myself, and then pass out. I'm actually wishing I had the energy to clean. Ridiculous.

I'd also like to share some pictures with y'all, but my laptop is in the woods with my BH. He's coming back this weekend, so a photo update will follow!

On the music front, things are looking good.... I might be playing the Elmdale this fall, and my talented cousin Brian is already learning my new song. Not that I remember him recording it. It's called inebriated jamming, folks. Only useful if someone remembers it happened.

Thank God for minidisc recorders.


Lynn said...

My entire family took a trip to Moose Factory when I was about 12 years old. It was such a great trip -- I still remember all the details. I can't believe you were born there -- you must have some fantastic stories!

M-A said...

The plural of "moose" is "meese"! Duh.

You know something funny? I lived in Moose Factory for 7 whole years... And I don't remember black fly bites at all. I remember the flies themselves, but not being bitten. My mum says that for some reason, the insect population there mostly ignored me and my brothers. XD

It was wonderful to see you again, and the restaurant was amazing! (Have recommended it to all and sundry, of course.) Can't wait to get to see you & Hawskley -- send me a link when it's available! ^_^