August 12, 2009

A Little Help?

A few things today.

First, it is my friend Heather's birthday. Heather is one of those people I feel very lucky to know. She is an amazingly loyal and attentive friend. Funny, honest, CRAZY CUTE and knows how to have a good time better than anyone. Girl? I luuurve you. Happy birthday.

Speaking of happy...

Morty seems thrilled that my BH is back under our roof. THRILLED. He's all Mr. Snugglepants at night, happily sandwiched between us and over the moon that he now has TWO humans to drool on. Happy puppy, happy Stella. I love my boys.

Speaking of loving my boys...

Your comments about the whole "marriage" thing cracked me up. You guys are great. I promise, if I ever do have something resembling a wedding, it will be suitably quirky and well, fucked up. Like moi.

May I say something unusual?

I've given up on summer. Not in a bitter way, not really. I'm thankful for the day or two of warm weather we had. But now? I'm ready for fall.

Oh, don't cover your ears... You know you love fall! It's my absolute favourite season, for the smell of the leaves, for the food, for the temperature, for the layered clothes. Time to pass the torch to a less disappointing season. Autumn is up for the challenge.

And on a totally different note...

If you had to buy a really sexy outfit (think burlesque), where would you go in Ottawa to buy it? I could also use a wig. Help me out, peeps.


Shawna said...

Fall is the BEST season (you hit the main points real nice). I could do without summer altogether. But I do love a country with 4 seasons. Damn, we're lucky.

Sexy burlesque? Value Village, obviously ;)

Nat said...

Good questions on the burlesque thing... I think Value Village or something like Phase 2... if you want "for The Man only" sexy there is great place here at the corner of Holland and Wellington. Beautiful stuff. Pricey though. (Forget what it's called. I'm helpful eh?)

As for fall, I'm with you on this on. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Picture/Photograph is playing on the CBC's The Current.


Stella said...

Shawna: Can you believe that I didn't think of VV til you mentioned it?

Nat: I've seen that no-name shop! Great idea!

S: Too cool... I didn't hear it myself, but you were the first one to let me know! Gracias!

Hannah said...

I would go to either the 'Adult Fun Superstore' or a regular costume shop.
Will we see pictures of you in this 'burlesque' outfit? ;)

Stella said...

Hannah: Also a great suggestion. There will *probably* be pictures, but the liklihood of me posting them here is... Well...

We'll see.