August 16, 2009

Freaking Awesome Dog


Usually, Morty's protective barking is a pain in the ass.

It means that when I take him for walks, he thinks people jogging are actually running towards me with the intent to cause trouble. It means he will chase off a canoe that gets too close to me. It means that occasionally when people want to pet him, he glares at them suspiciously.

But now? I like his protective, tough nature.

This morning, some dude tried to break in through our bedroom window. WHILE WE WERE HOME. I was in the kitchen, and I heard Morty going ballistic. When I went into the bedroom, I saw the guy running away from our window. He had propped himself up and was in the process of trying to break our screen. I'm going to have to assume that he was was strung out, simply because it was pretty obvious that we were home. A remotely clever thief wouldn't have tried what he tried.

Anyway... Morty did the scary bulldog thing, the guy is gone, and the police report is in.

Incidentally, the police officer fell in love with Morty and we traded bulldog stories for a good twenty minutes.

Morty got a lot of treats.

I'm feeling surprisingly happy about the whole thing. It somehow made me love my neighbourhood more, which might not be logical, but that's just how it is. I'm not happy about the attempted break-in, of course.... I'm happy about the great network of neighbours we've got. I'm happy about our community police.

And I'm happy about my freaking awesome dog.


Shawna said...

Love the happy ending.

robin said...

I live in your neighbourhood too. I better get a dog.

Laura said...

That could have turned so bad - what a freaking awesome dog! Wonder if he will get a medal for saving you? He should!

Grateful it all turned out OK.

aandjblog said...

wow that's pretty scary. That makes me want a dog even more now. :o

what kind of tips did the police officer give you to protect your home?

J. said...

Uh, I think Andrea's home is pretty protected!! :)

I had someone break into my car when I lived there, same kind of thing. But I always felt safe with a dog in my home, and now I feel extra safe with three dogs. No one is getting past our threshold.

Glad things turned out well, and good boy, Morty!!!


zoom said...

If anyone ever tries to break into our place, Duncan's been instructed to tell them that we know Morty.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Morty!! I was talking to another one of his fans on the weekend. He's very popular around the city.

Stella said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Morty told me last night that he is happy to offer his protective services to you for a small fee - liver treats and bum rubs.

J, I think the reason the potential thief tried our window is because it was open to let a breeze in. It was only open because we were home though... It's a good idea to close and lock your windows when you leave the house (if they are visible to creepy people, anyway).

Hannah said...

Yay! Way to go Morty! He could be the next "Littlest Hobo" ;)

Nat said...

Morty the wonder dog!
I think he needs a cape. A red one.

Em said...

wow, Morty IS awesome!