August 17, 2009

Shiny Teal


So after yesterday's attempted robbery excitement, the reality of the crushing humidity hit home.

Would you believe I like crushing humidity?? I know. I can hear your collective gasping.

The fact that I sometimes enjoy gross heat does not distract from the fact that it makes it very hard to sleep. Especially when there is an overheating bulldog on your chest, wheezing like a 90-year-old smoker. I fell asleep sometime around midnight, woke up at 2am to put a wet facecloth on Morty, fell back asleep at 3am, woke up again at 5am... You get the picture. I am wiped today. WIPED.

I won't be catching up on my sleep anytime soon though, because I'm rehearsing tonight for my gig on Wednesday. Consider this to be an open invite to all you bloggers and lurkers alike:

Me! Hella Stella! Except I'll be using my real name!
Wednesday, August 19th
Irene's Pub, 885 Bank St.
With folk trio extraordinaire, The Gruff (I love these ladies something fierce)
I can't seem to find the start time or the door price, so let's say 8:30pm, something not expensive

You are all welcome to join in and partake in some beers and good tunes. I know it's a Wednesday, but it won't go terribly late, and it will give you something fun to remember on Thursday. I'll be playing first, as far as I know (but holy shit, The Gruff are great).


Heyyy, I just talked to the police... It seems the dude who tried to break in to our place yesterday tried to rob FOURTEEN OTHER HOUSES this week. Pretty wild.

I've got to say... I've had some really negative experiences with cops in the past, but in the last month they have been nothing but helpful in dealing with some problems on our street. I suppose there are good eggs and bad eggs, but I'm feeling pretty confident in the officers who look after my area.

Hopefully they continue to impress me. I'll be sure to let you know if I get to do something fun like see a lineup! Wheee!


Thank you all for the suggestions to help me find a sexy outfit. I found something scandalous and will give you more details soon. Think stretchy, tight, and shiny teal.


silkpurse said...

Thanks for the tip-off to the Irene's night. No guff about the Gruff! Excellent evening all 'round...

I don't know if he mentioned it to you but tonight was the first time Dean Verger passed through Irene's doors and he left after your set. He does have good ears so I'd call it a vote of confidence - I thought you'd want to know.

Stella said...

silkpurse: You were there? Did we meet?

Ah, Dean. He's sort of like my adoptive musical papa. It was VERY odd to see him in a venue other than Rasputin's. I'm so glad he came.

Gah, I miss that place.