August 27, 2009



I have done the unthinkable and purchased an iPhone.

I would like to defend myself immediately. My BH and I have both had our old phones for three years. Our contracts were expired and we needed a good replacement for our decrepit Motorolas.

Oddly, the iPhone was the cheapest option of all the smart phones we looked at (we don't want a dumb phone, yo). It was the right weight and size. It told us the weather. So we both got one. An older model with the smallest amount of space, but still. I officially own an iPhone.

Mine was set up first in the store, so while the sales dude took care of my BH, I played with my new toy. The conversation went as follows:

Sales guy: (tappity tappity tap)

BH: (silence)

Me: There's no way I will ever like this thing.

Sales guy: (tappity tappity tap)

BH: (silence)

Me: Oh! Would you look at that! Stuff moves around when I touch it!

Sales guy: (tappity tappity tap)

BH: (silence)

Me: Dudes! Hey dudes! I can check my e-mail!

BH: Honey, that's sort of the appeal of that phone.

Me: I just sent you a dirty message. Purrrrrr.

Sales guy: (tappity....) (uncomfortable silence)

BH: I have created a monster.

Me: I love this thing.

So! I have exactly two contacts in my phone, I have no clue how to use it, but it provides hours of entertainment for me. Mainly through dirty messaging and checking the weather. But those are important things, so, yeah. Endless fun.

Oh... And my BH and I switched to a three-year FAMILY PLAN which I think is pretty much like being married. Commitment and all that. Free dirty messaging. Pretty much the same.... Right? ;)


Milan said...

Mazel tov!

Shawna said...

I'll use the best Hebrew word I know for the occasion: "Teetchatchi".

Nothing to be embarrassed about. iphones seem cool.

Hannah said...

Wow! That sales guy sounds like a really "friendly" guy. *sarcasm* (That or all that tapping meant he had to go to the bathroom! LOL)

I'm curious about the iPhone. They also have applications for working out and parking reminders that tell you where you've parked! So cool!:)

Stella said...

Thanks for the Hebrew, peeps. You're all meshuga (wait, maybe that's actually Yiddish).

Hannah, the sales guy was actually really nice, but I was amazed at how much TYPING he had to do to make the sale. It took at least an hour. He was very tolerant of my inappropriate comments though, so that's cool...

La Canadienne said...

He convinced you in the end! I'm a little jealous.

After my mom got her iphone, we went around the corner and the guys in the store high fived. It was funny. They must get some kind of bonus.

Nat said...

I love love love my iPhone. AND I don't need to carry an iPod too.

And well, life is better no? the sky is bluer...

Welcome to the converted. :)

aandjblog said...

I just my iphone for pretty much everything. You'll love it.

Apps to download:
- Google App
- Facebook
- ParaPanicLIte
- Shazam
- Weathereye
- All Recipes
- Howcase

Enjoy your new iPhone!

aandjblog said...

It's Howcast