August 24, 2009

Very Modest


Wow, that was some fun burlesque.

So you guys gave me all these wicked names, but when I stepped on stage in my teensy weensy dress and pink wig, "Hella Stella" popped out of my mouth and I just went with it. Sigh.

Co-hosting a queer burlesque show is really freaking different than just watching it. OBVIOUS MUCH. But really. What a different way to see the show.

Some funny stuff:

- I was in the changing room with the performers trying to pick a wig. Everyone was naked and putting tassels and electrical tape on their bits. Suddenly my outfit felt very modest.

- Someone tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned around to find a girl I went to high school with getting ready for the show. I literally have not seen this girl since grad, and there she was wearing nothing but gold foil, chatting about who is getting married and having kids. It was pretty cool.

- I'm not sure I've ever been hit on by so many people in one night, but then again, I was wearing this thing:

That dress? It keeps in the heat. I might as well have been wrapped in rubber it was so warm.

After the show, I did something bizarre. I didn't drink, and I didn't attend any parties. I went home, ripped off my fishnets, and pulled on my pjs. As much as I love a good party, I was really craving some down time with my sweetheart and my puppy. It was a good choice. Plus, we got to reminisce on all the hotness we had just seen (so much hotness!).

Unfortunately, right before bed Morty was a little overly ambitious and banged up his paw trying to climb up a concrete wall. Now he's all limpy. Poor tyke!

Other things I'm doing these days?

Making killer tasty risotto.

Budgeting for my BH's last year in school.

Switching internet providers because ours sucks so freaking hard.

Eating wasabi peanuts.

Reorganizing the kitchen cupboards, and finding that we really do have a lot of food in the pantry.

Dreaming of making pesto.

Getting excited for Certain Sort.

Making a lot of lists.

Yeah. I guess you could say that things are going pretty well so far this week.


aandjblog said...

wow that's one wicked cool dress. Was it from AA?

Stella said...

Yes it is. I actually find a lot of their stuff to be crazy weird (coming from someone who likes weird), but this dress was exactly what I wanted!

Milan said...

The show was great fun, and you were an excellent host.

(I liked the pink wig!)

Hannah said...

Glad you had fun. I wish I could have seen you. It take guts to stand up on stage like that.:)

Are you watching the Pride Parade this Sunday?

Stella said...

Thanks Milan!

Hannah, providing I'm still standing after Certain Sort the night before, I'll be there with bells on!

Lesley Hoyles said...

Certain Sort is Friday; Pride Parade is Sunday...hopefully you'll be recovered!

Stella said...

Lesley! Yay!

Good catch... I had better be recovered by then. Will I see you there?

Beeks said...

Steve and I switched to a small provider called Techsavvy (or something like that) when we moved, and it's the fastest internet/best price we've had so far (We've used Rogers and Bell in the past). You might want to look into them unless they're the provider you're with now and you hate them.