August 26, 2009



August is about to end. Amazing.

I'm cool with it... Fall veggies are going to start showing up at farmer's markets soon! Food is my motivation for most things. As you know.


During the VIA sale, my BH and I made a quick decision to buy tickets to Toronto. It was a bit reckless, seeing as how we are pretty broke and will be until next spring... But hey. Going away for a romantic weekend without the puppy sounded great to us, and with the seat sale, we could almost afford it. (And dudes, we booked our accommodations through Hotwire.... HOLY CHEAP!)

Anyway, we're going near the end of September, and I'm getting more and more excited about it. Our last real vacation (minus family reunions) was.... India. Two years ago. So we're overdue. It's going to be a three day date, with breaks for Shawna hangout time.


A couple of years ago, we had the colossal summer of weddings. Everyone we knew got hitched. Now the babies are arriving! This is especially awesome now that I have found an Etsy seller who makes baby clothes with bulldogs on them (what? function AND beauty). My BH and I are going to see our friend's newborn tomorrow night, and I could not be more pumped. Although I'm noticing lately that when I hold babies, I start to miss Morty something fierce...


I really need to pickle some zucchini.


Guess what? My brain is jumping all over the place today. HAD YOU NOTICED?


Jessica said...

I was reckless too! Jordan has all sorts of fun trips (NYC, UK) set up with the band in the Fall, but I had nothing to look forward to, so I booked myself a train ticket to Montreal! I also can't afford it, but I'm glad I did. You'll have a blast, even if it's hard on the wallet!

Shawna said...

Butternut Squash Souuuuuup.

You will love not sleeping on my floor-couch.


Should we call SOMA now and warn them to prepare 5x the usual stock?

Hannah said...

Yay to romantic spontaneity!
I like holding babies too, but not nearly as much as puppies! No baby will ever be as cute as my Selena.:)

Stella said...

Jess: Awesome choice! Ooooh, I love Montreal...

Shawna: And we are only a few blocks away from you! Yes. Call SOMA and get them ready for my arrival.

Hannah: I know, right? What is it about puppies?