August 21, 2009

Another Challenge for You


This lovely gal visited us a few weeks ago, and came bearing gifts aplenty. Since she lives in Japan, she has a never-ending supply of great Engrish products to delight us with.

Isn't she sweet? Thanks, M-A!

I honestly can't wait to go there myself. Hilarious grammar alone could keep me alive for at least two weeks, I think. Then I'd have to move on to octopus balls.

Anyway, her condition upon giving us these brilliant shirts was that I had to post photos on the blog. Given my computer problems lately, it's taken me a while to get things together.

Specimen #1:

Jesus, I can't even concentrate on the shirt. Look at what's UNDER it!


Sorry, back to the shirts...

Specimen #2:

I'm folky! How fitting! Awkward shot, but great shirt.

Then I tried to sneak a kiss while the camera was still clicking away. Oops!

I know. I'm really short.

After I promised I'd post shots of my show with The Gruff, I realized that I never actually took shots while they were playing. In fact, most of my pictures of the band are not as awesome as they should be, considering how cute my subjects were.

I'm also missing shots of half the freaking group.


So The Gruff? I can say without reservation that they are one of my favourite Canadian bands. Ever. And probably my favourite band to see live.

Look, it's Jenny! We've decided to be pen pals.

And Phaedra... Signing CDs for her adoring fans.

I hope they come back again soon.

Thanks to Zoom, GC, Milan and La Canadienne for coming out! There were a bunch of people I didn't know in the audience, and I kinda wish I had wandered around to meet them.

Before I sign off, I thought I'd tell you why I needed your advice on sexy outfits. I'm co-hosting a queer burlesque show tomorrow night! I found the outfit, but now I need a name.

I'm thinking.... Stella. Because I have run out of clever ideas.

I'm handing this one to you folks: give me your ideas for a good sexy stage name, bonus points for one that uses Stella. If I'm crazy about one of your suggestions, I'll use it tomorrow night. (I reserve the right to be a chicken shit and use something tame... My dress will probably outshine the name anyway. Wait until you see this thing.)

Aaaaaand... Go!


Bob said...

Marlene Bandeau
Hella Smella
Stella's sense of snow

Bob said...

One more:

Helter Stella

Shawna said...

Stella Ella Hola
Tres Stella (as much as it steals from the name of a cheese)
Curly Sue

M-A said...

Great pictures! XD

As for a name... uh... I guess the show already happened, so I won't bother with any of my lame suggestions. ^_^;;;

Em said...

I LOVE Engrish stuff. The "Rock or Dead" is pretty amazing!
And shit, your dude pretty stacked.

I can't think of any names. Bella Stella?

Hannah said...

I knew people who lived in Japan for a bit and they saw an elderly woman wearing a shirt that said:
"I pleasure myself!"

Hmm..stage names..How about:
Stella Barbarella
Saucy Stella
Singin' Stella