January 2, 2010

Pathetic Bang


2009 ended with such a pathetic bang that I am thrilled to usher in a new year.

Just to clarify, my January 1st was spectacular. My BH and I spent the day with our good friends, and did nothing but eat, veg, nap, and watch movies. Hard to beat Trailer Park Boys and a good cup of tea.

December 31st, however, was a giant shit show. And I mean that literally.

Without going into some rather icky details, I'll just list what went wrong: Morty crapped in our friends' basement several times, which is actually quite unlike him. My BH became suddenly ill and hurled up his guts with such enthusiasm that we had to make a very quick exit from the restaurant. And I stupidly wore a shirt that was so low cut, I thought my girls were going to make a run for it. Not super practical when cleaning puke off a wall.

Oh! I should also mention that when the puking incident happened, it took place directly in front of my dear friend who has.... Wait for it.... A PUKE PHOBIA. Yes. True story.

So, to recap.... Poop, vomit, untamed boobs and voila! NEW YEARS. Goodbye, 2009. Thanks for the sendoff.

Please tell me your celebrations went a little smoother than mine.

At least things have improved significantly since then, and I've thankfully caught up on some sleep. Tomorrow there will be dim sum, maybe some Sherlock Holmes, and possibly some songwriting time at Milan's place.

Hi, 2010. It's nice to meet you.


Becca said...

If I could use one word to sum up the entire year of 2009, it would be this: Anticlimactic. Steve and I got snowed out of our NYE plans, and so our "celebration" (getting drunk on vodka and playing wii sports while a subpar New Year's special streamed online) capped off a mediocre year with a yawn and a "what's next, then?" sort of feeling. I'm fairly certain that New Year's is one of those things that generally stops being tons of fun around age 23.

Anonymous said...

...finally saw District 9. My girlfriend and I ordered pizza and wings, drank Diet pop, and sat on her couch with Little Victor while her son snored in his room. At least my flu took the night off.

Happy New Year Andrea.

Nat said...

I ended up at a pretentious party because The Boy is friend's with their son and they needed someone to keep him company. (We were invited at 5:30. Nice.)

Ended up talking child birth with a woman who felt it was my duty to have more kids, and explaining that there were indeed Francophones outside Ontario and Quebec to a snooty French bitch.

Verdict is out on whether this is better than vomit and shit.

Be it resolved that next year I will stay home and go to bed at 10:30.

La Canadienne said...

Yikes! My NYE involved sitting on the couch with my cat. One of these years I'll enjoy New Years. One of these years.

Amanda said...

i'm still laughing. had to read your tale out loud to Charles ;)

hope your BH is feeling better.

i also puked. no alcohol involved. just a shrimp ring and seafood cocktail sauce and that was all it took. apparently the sauce was expired.

Stella said...

Oh my... You all have pretty good stories. Nat, it's true - sounds like your night was about as fun as mine.

aandjblog said...

I heard ya! I'm going to ask for a NYE do over. This one wasn't my cup of tea.

Andrea said...

Hahahahaha. Wait.... Hahahahaha. That's all I have to say ;)