I seem to have hurt my hand - maybe from scrolling all day with a mouse, maybe from wrapping Morty's leash around my fingers from his walk, probably both. Either way, the timing blows, considering that I need to type extensively every day this month.


Besides icing it and using this handy muscle relaxing cream, I will just have to ignore it and hope it goes away. A flawless plan. I can't possibly see it going wrong.

In better news, I got a card today from one of my only pen pals. I try to exchange cards with my good friends when I remember to.... But this one friend, Jude, is a real letter writing kinda gal. She and I have been writing to each other for years, and our exchanges have survived several moves (mostly on her part).

Let me tell you a few things about Jude, because she's a pretty neat lady.

- I met her at a lesbian music festival because she was stoned off her ass and looking for people to chat with.

- My friends and I once camped out in her strange old backyard that backed out onto the highway. I have always wondered who lives right on a giant highway - now I know.

- She once got in trouble at work for wearing a t-shirt that said "Dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians." Who gets offended by these things? If someone at my work wore a shirt like that, I would love them forever.

- Her favourite things to send me are greeting cards from random charities. Once she sent me a package of cards featuring lions with rainbow manes. It was weird and cool, and very Jude.

I like getting her letters. They are always short and sweet, but so nice to read. I'm a total sucker for a nice, long, thoughtful e-mail.... But with Jude, there is really nothing like a nicely-written note.

Do any of you have pen pals? My only other pen pal was when I was in grade four or so. We all got assigned a pen pal from Italy - I think the point was to let the Italian kids practice their English, and let us practice... Well... Our English. I remember my pen pal being nice, although she once told me she got a "French-English dick for Christmas."

I guess that got lost in translation. Perhaps there are benefits to bilingual penises, but frankly, it's not a requirement of mine. (Yes yes, I know she meant dictionary. But dudes, it's pretty funny. You know it.)


Nat said...

I signed up for this penpal blogger thing. And it's my turn to write. Perhaps I should do that tomorrow... I think it's my turn. I love getting things in the mail. Specially letters and post cards.


Marie-Adèle said...

Omg, I remember Jude! Does she remember our pie? :D

Stella said...

MA: Does she ever! No, but really, I'm sure she does. It was our defining moniker, after all.

Lesley Hoyles said...

I'm sure she remembers the pie.

Stella said...



Anonymous said...

Does your whole hand hurt or just the thumb and 1st 2 fingers part of your hand? Because if it's the latter, it comes from a muscle up in your neck/shoulder area. I just had that, too and thought it was a mysterious hand pain.

Pauline said...

I'm on a penpal site where you can practice your second or third language with people. Its pretty good. I've met some interesting people from France and Belgium so far.:)