January 8, 2010

Wee List

My brain has been so full lately that I can't get to sleep. No matter what time I crawl into bed, my thoughts run on a hamster wheel until about 2am.

It's draining me.

It gets especially bad when my BH needs to get up at 5:30am. His alarm clock usually wakes me, and then, y'know.... Three hours of sleep before I hit the office.

(A couple of folks have used the old "just wait until you have kids" line on me when I mention my drastic lack of sleep, but here's the thing: I don't have kids yet. I'd like to enjoy sleeping through the night while I still can. Two to three hours is not cool when I have to work all day.)

Not everything sucks, though....

The renovations on the apartment upstairs are nearly done. Hopefully within a week or so, the drilling will stop.

I got invited to a party where I get to dress up as a gay lumberjack.

Morty is behaving like a giant snuggly bear, and I love it. I bought him a rainbow bandana so that he is properly dressed up when Pride rolls around again.

Milan will be back soon, and when regains feeling in his butt after being stuck on a bus for ten years, I can hear all about his trip.

My BH is super awesome and took me on a hot coffee date last night. I love those.

So. that's my wee list of happy things. Even on three hours of sleep, I can appreciate them.