January 16, 2010

Good and Bad, But Generally Shitty


I received some news this week. It's both good and bad, but since I've had time to reflect, I'd say it's mostly bad.

I will be working every weekend in February, full shifts, Saturdays and Sundays. This is on top of my 8 - 9 hour daily shifts on weekdays. So, yes, I'm working 34 days in a row, if you do the math with a calender handy.


I guess the good news is that I will get assloads of overtime. But at what cost? My mental stability? I had accepted to work weekends because I had been told it would only be for the occasional Sunday. How wrong I was.

When I was a student, I worked three part-time jobs in my last year on top of my full course load. One job was a TA in radio editing. One was at the CBC. One was in government. Jobs that required my actual attention. I was also gigging a fair amount.

I went many months without a real day off, and I survived. But DUDES. I am out of practice. I haven't needed to be a brain-eating zombie in a long time. I've become accustomed to going home and making dinner. I like having these luxurious things called "weekends."

It's especially laughable that I've been turning down gigs because I am "writing an album" this winter. When the fuck am I going to do that, self? Hmmm? Damn good thing I didn't take on any shows, I guess.

Also, I may have to drop out of choir, since I can't actually make any of the rehearsals. That's probably what's making me the most upset. I'm finally in love with choir again. I don't want to stop.

Anyway. For those kind souls about to comment and ask me why I don't just say no, I can assure you... If it wouldn't totally screw over my team and hurt my career, I would. But at this point, it's a short-term pain thing. Luckily, I pretty much adore my co-workers.

In other more hilarious news, this morning Morty mounted my cloth shopping bag on our walk and humped the crap out of it. Since I was holding it at the time, it looked especially strange. And kinda awesome. I don't know what he was thinking... He's not much of a humper.

I successfully distracted him with a tripe cookie.

God I love my insane dog.


Anonymous said...

Well, good luck to you. It IS only one month. And you WILL have a big pile of money for it at the end, after taxes. Still....February is horrible enough without having to work the entire month without a day off. What the hell is your department up to, I ask again, when the rest of government is on vacation?

Stella said...

XUP... There's a wee event happening that month that will require my constant attention. And yeah, going into work for the entire month sounds mighty unappealing right now.

zoom said...

That sucks. But since the only good in it is the money, focus on the money. Your mantra for February: Time is money, time is money, time is money.

And at least it's February, which is pretty much guaranteed to suck anyway. At least you're not losing June or July or August.

Pauline said...

You have to work ALL week? That really sucks, but good on you for helping out your coworkers!:)

I saw not one but TWO bulldogs in a petfood store this weekend-One parent and one baby bulldog named Oliver. You would have died from the cuteness!:)

Nat said...

Ironic given the prorogue thing...