January 15, 2010

A la Urkel


My BH is gone for the week; he's housesitting for friends in the woods again. So far I've filled my non-work hours playing with Morty at the park and ordering sushi because I don't feel like cooking.

Life could certainly be worse.

Other than the towering pile of laundry that needs addressing, I think I'll spend the weekend doing two things: trying to distract Morty with peanut butter treats, and then locking myself in the bedroom to write songs while he howls outside the door. I'm dying to try out the vintage concertina my BH got me for Christmas. It's just so damn pretty.

Speaking of songwriting....

I often collect song ideas in a little booklet - they can be words, situations, locations, etc. The problem with this system is that I rarely have the book on me when I get the urge to write. Maybe the solution is to keep a list somewhere online where I can access it from a variety of spots. I could also duct tape the little booklet to my chest a la Steve Urkel. Tough call.

That's all I've got for now folks. Over and out, and thank God it's Friday.