January 19, 2010

So Damn Cute


Having my BH out of the house for a week has made me realize something.

I have no idea how to hang out by myself.

I'm terrible at it. I sit around looking lost for about 45 minutes, and then I do laundry. Sometimes I eat my stash of chocolate. I make a lot of tea.

After a couple days of that nonsense, I replaced laundry with cooking. I cooked and cooked and cooked. I turned up the radio and danced around the kitchen. I tried to make Morty dance with me (he resisted with some very annoyed-sounding grunts). I watched a movie or two.

My only real social interaction this week (other than work) has been a beer and some pho with Milan. And I only managed that because I guilted him into coming with me. This line sealed the deal: "So, you aren't coming to pho because you don't like me? I see."

Terrible, but it works. Thanks for the fun times, Milan!

I'll manage the next couple of days, but I'm really looking forward to having my BH back home. Partly for the conversation, but also because he's just so damn CUTE.


Nat said...

I miss the fine fine ass when The Man is away. Apparently it is socially unacceptable to grab other men's even if yours is away. All these stupid rules.

Milan said...

You know I love hanging out with you. It's just PCO craziness keeping us apart.

I have twenty more bills to write notes on, as of today. Twenty!

Stella said...

Nat: You nailed it... I miss the fine fine ass. Thank you for finding the right words.

Milan: Twenty! Poor muffin. Let me know if you need to recover with more pho.

XUP said...

Well, I hope your ass returns to the fold soon. Personally, I LOVE hanging out by myself.

Stella said...

XUP: I think with a bit more practice, I'll be a pro.