I think I need to opt for a list-post, because my brain is a bit wonky today and it's probably that or nothing.

1. I may get to spend a week in Montreal this summer writing songs. To clarify, I'd be renting an apartment and locking myself in there with my instruments. I'll either write songs of die of boredom. My bet is on writing, but my track record has been bad lately. To be continued.

2. It might be time for me to purge my Facebook list. There are so many people on there I don't really know anymore, and have no desire to know anymore. I also have a few people on there who have gotten so annoying that I've hidden them from my view. One guy took to posting drunken weird things on my wall.... And I've never actually met him. Unfriend, sucka.

3. My food mojo has been ROCKING lately. I made a lentil dish last night that should have fed my BH and I a few times over, but instead we gobbled everything up. It's especially great because the dish probably costs under $2 in supplies, and it tastes like a million bucks. Thank you, food gods.

4. I nearly opened a can of whoop-ass on my landlord last night because he thought it would be cool to install molding and use a shop vac at 9:30pm. My BH had just gotten off a 12-hour shift and needed to sleep. Something broke in my brain and I went and had words with the contractors. If they think I'm a bitch, that's cool with me. At this point, I see that as being a good thing. Contractors listen to bitches - particularly the angry ones.

5. I'm taking a tiling course this weekend with my mom. Have I told you about my awesome mom? She's the best. Anyways.... We're going to learn about tile and mud and fun things like that. I'm pretty thrilled.

6. I was worried that my terrible work schedule would mean dropping out of choir. Thankfully, I not only get to stay, but they will be flexible with the repertoire to make sure I can catch up. I LOVE CHOIR.

7. Unfortunately, I may have to increase my security settings for comments. I'm starting to get daily spam and it's driving me nuts. Forgive me. If I do tweak things, I hope you'll still leave me messages - I love them so!

I swear you'll get a proper post next time....


La Canadienne said...

I just purged my Facebook list - but I find I get soft and sentimental when I get down to it. I did shorten my list quite a bit though. Maybe I'll do it again and further cut down. I always feel better after.

Shawna said...

Noise laws are laws.

I'm pretty sure construction can only happen between 7am - 7pm, Monday to Saturday. No 9:30pm. No no.

Send me the lentil recipe?

Nat said...

You should post the lentil recipe... I am toying with creative cheap food while on this hiatus...

Purging the list seems like a great idea... maybe I'll put it on my to-do list for tomorrow.

meanie said...

a) i've been getting those spam messages as well, how do you stop that?
b) could you post the lentil recipe? we are getting tired of the lemon lentil soup i always make (relaly good, but we need variation)

Sophia said...

you should definately post your recipies... the lentil seems sooo good and everytime you talk about food you make it sound really good!

Stella said...

LC: I'm a bit sentimental too... I think I'll mostly be purging people who drive me crazy. I can always cut more later, I suppose.

Shawna: I'm sure you're right about the laws. Sadly, my landlord cares very little for words like "legal" and "fair" and "professional."

Nat: Who knew so many people were down with lentils! I like you guys.

Meanie: From what I understand, you need to delete the ones that show up and then change your commenting settings in Blogger (I think you're with Blogger, right?). I'll try it out and let you know.

Sophia: Okay, the recipe will be posted.... I can't deny you delicious cheap food any longer.