January 4, 2010

Wonderful, Mundane Comfort


So far 2010 has brought a lot of snow. That's really the most interesting thing I can say out of the last four days I spent mostly inside. Every time I went outdoors, there was more snow to shovel. Morty thought that was the coolest thing EVER.

(I honestly think his fondness for snow is mostly tied to its edibility - if he couldn't consume it, he'd probably find it annoying.)

My BH and I did leave our cave Sunday afternoon to see Sherlock Holmes. It was entertaining, and I would watch it again, but mostly for that topless fighting scene. Sorry, but it's true - I have a dangerous weakness for Robert Downey Jr. When he is topless. And fighting.

After the movie, we stopped into Old Navy to return a sweater I bought. It was a men's hoodie in a medium, and while it fit me and was pretty loose, it wasn't GIANT. And that's what I wanted. A giant men's hoodie that I could put on and curl up in. Something I can wipe my hands on, fall asleep in, get coffee in, operate power tools in, or fit someone else in with me.....

I already own a hoodie like this, but I've used it so much that it is covered in grease stains and it's torn all over. My BH has been bugging me to replace it with something slightly less ugly for, oh, about a year.

I know you're DYING to know how this story ends. Wait no more! I returned the not-baggy-enough sweater and bought a perfectly giant sweater to replace it. I'm in love with the thing - it's already fully worn in, complete with flour hand marks and Morty drool. I'm sad that it's not suitable for work, because I could live in my giant hoodie if I was allowed.

Now that you are totally enthralled, I must leave you. There are some errands I need to run in that strange, ongoing blizzard out there. Thank goodness I have my hoodie, hm?


Jessica said...

I need to go to Old Navy and buy a giant hoodie! I steal Jordan's giant hoodies and wipe my hands on them, get crumbs in the pockets, and get all wet after a shower. He doesn't like that very much! But they're just too irresistible!

J. said...

I have a similar thing about giant men's pajama pants. I have two pairs and I looooove them.