September 22, 2009

Time Warp

A strange thing happened the other week. My BH and I were in Hartman's picking up some grub, and I bumped into an old friend from, get this, KINDERGARTEN.

We were in class together from kindergarten to grade 8, I think. We grew up in the same neighbourhood, knew all the same people, and then came high school, where we parted ways. I don't think I had seen him since.

So here he was in Hartman's, having recently moved a block away from where I'm living. It was too cool. After a few weeks of laziness, we are finally getting together for a bite. I'm hoping I can locate one of my ancient yearbooks to bring along. He was one of the few people who was always kind and sweet in class. Grade school can really suck sometime, you know? Kids can be mean little shits. Not this one, thankfully.

On a different note, would you believe that I am still getting letters from people who heard the Vinyl Cafe broadcast?? Some from friends, but most from total strangers. It sounds like a lot of people bought the album off iTunes and Amazon, although I have yet to get the numbers. I'm itching to see that invoice. Not for the money necessarily, since I make a sad penny off iTunes, but more because it will give me a more accurate idea of who heard the thing.

I've got quite a few gigs coming up in the next few months. Oct. 1st I'll be at the University of Ottawa for a fundraiser. Then it's the OCFF conference, which I actually wasn't going to attend this year, due to a lack of funds. Thankfully, one of the rooms I'm playing is sponsored by the Blues Festival, and they are covering part of the costs for the weekend. Then it's the Elmdale (I know there are Elmdale fans out there.... Come on out!) on Oct. 29. Toronto comes up quickly on November 14, and lastly, Wakefield on November 28.

That's a lot of shows. I should probably book a rehearsal or two.


Hannah said...

Ha! Small world! I tried to keep up a correspondence and friendship with someone who I've known since kindergarten but she hasn't contacted me in a long time. But she also moved to Italy, so that makes getting together just "slightly" difficult.

I'll try and make it out to the Elmdale show!

meanie said...

i love the elmdale. i'll be there!