September 18, 2009



We went to see our Morty-sitter last night to make sure everything was going to be fine while we were gone. The visit completely put my mind at ease.

Morty was SO HAPPY to see him, SO HAPPY to be running around his place, and SO HAPPY to be hanging out with someone who likes to play the way a bulldog plays. I know Morty will miss us, because he misses us when we're not in the same room as him, let alone city... But at least now I think he'll have a blast while we're gone. They'll both be spending time at our place this weekend too, so at least Morty will still have all his favourite things around.

Now I'm scrambling to get everything in order. Lists, maps, numbers, cash, music... And then a full weekend of hot dates with my BH.


Bring on the vacation!


Milan said...

Have a magnificent trip!

Aggie said...

Happy vacation!