September 9, 2009

Fancy Ass


Today is my BH's first day of classes. First day of the last year of his degree. It's going to go by so quickly, and we both know it. (Congrats babe!)

Actually, the faster the better. I think we're both pretty excited for spring. Which seems silly, right when fall is getting so beautiful, but there you have it. I'm looking forward to the thaw. I'm a bit fixated on it.

We have a bunch of plans, post-degree. Some are pretty informal, but some are definite.

We'd like to go to Japan to visit M-A.

We'd like to buy a car. A used one, but something that will help us take more trips and allow us to bring Morty along.

We'd like to attack my BH's student loans with the ferocity of a thousand lions.

We'd eventually like to buy a house.

The other plans are less certain, but we can focus on these.

I also have some personal goals that are slightly less grand than the ones I listed above.

I'd like to learn how to can food.

I want to perfect the Korean breakfast pancake.

I'd like to take some carpentry classes.

I'd also like to get a fancy-ass computer so I can do more home recording.

Funny how I just slipped that last one in there.... ;)

Anyways, here's hoping that my BH has a great final year. He's done so much school and learned so many things, and soon he's going to be able to put it all to use. I am so proud of him.

Have I mentioned how damn good looking he is?

Sorry... I get easily distracted.


Jessica said...

I read "buy a house" as "buy a horse." Both are exciting!

aandjblog said...

I hope he has a great last year. A fancy new computer to do fancy things is always nice :)

Hannah said...

I feel the EXACT same way as you. My hubby has one more year of Law School and I can't wait until we have two incomes again! :)

Stella said...

Jess: I'm a bit scared of horses, but I could handle a house... :)

J: Eventually the fancy computer will come. I hope.

Hannah: Dude, we have so much in common!

XUP said...

I can teach you how to can food. It's very simple.

Nat said...

Horses are scary... LOL...

I am going to look up Korean Pancakes.