September 12, 2009

Done and Done

I listened and it was great!!! No more nerves now, baby!

It was so fun that I'd have to say my only complaint was Morty's ass. We were listening in bed, and Morty was super gassy. Every five minutes I'd hear "ffffft" and then I couldn't hear anything anymore because I was too busy trying to breathe. Silly Morty. He didn't understand why we were so excited.

But other than the air quality, I'm thrilled with it. Those of you who came to the live show may have noticed that they cut a song out of the final broadcast... But that's cool, because we knew that might happen to accommodate the timing of the show. Such is radio.


(ps, thanks for all your support, blogging peeps. you are all much appreciated)


Milan said...

It can be downloaded here:

Right click to Download VC: September 12th, 2009 "Centennial Mug"

Aggie said...

Bravo!!! Loved it, Stella.

JuliaR said...

I thought you had a wonderful voice and you sounded completely professional and the songs were interesting and had good melody. I am not a music reviewer, obvi, but I enjoyed listening to you very much, when we listened to the Vinyl Cafe just now. Yay for you!