September 3, 2009

Fantasy Land


Knowing that I will have some financial breathing room in less than a year is making think of extravagant ways to spend money.

It's kind of ridiculous, really. I'm not going to be rich when my BH finishes school. I'm just going to be able to pay the bills properly.

But anyway.

Welcome to STELLA'S FANTASY LAND!!! These are the things I would do if I had some extra dough and a muted sense of financial responsibility:

I would get me a fancy-pants mac to make recording a lot more fun.

I'd buy and learn how to play this crazy thing.

I would take piano lessons! This isn't unrealistic, as it turns out. I did manage to get a piano last year, against all odds.

I'd buy a parlour-sized classical guitar. Because I want one.

And this! I'd like this! Bam bam bam.

Maybe a concertina?

Wait a sec. All my fantasy purchases are related to music.

Okay... I could also handle a pair of these.

Anyone else have an extravagant purchase they'd like to share? Surely I'm not the only one who dreams of electric drum kits.

(Also, see y'all tomorrow night at Raw Sugar for Milan's photo show!)


Milan said...

You 'mac' is boots.

Milan said...

Also, why not get some Grado GS1000i headphones?

XUP said...

I'd like a fancy-assed new computer/laptop, but other than that, if I had a lot of mad money, I'd use it to travel I think - 1st class.

Stella said...

Thanks Milan... Fixed. I must have been sleepy.

Headphones... YES!

XUP, 1st class travel would be dreamy.

Hannah said...

I love those Fluevog boots! (I'd get 'em in black)

If I had more money, I'd also buy a xylophone and totally rock out. Why? Why the hell not? :)

See you tonight at the photo exhibit!

Laura said...

I like them those boots!

Awe, to have money...

Milan said...

I don't like the new MacBook Pros too much.

The screens are really glossy, which stinks in bright rooms. I also hate the no-button mouse.

The old PowerBook G4's were a lot nicer, in my opinion (though very slow by today's standards).

Tiana said...

These in natural bubinga

want to do them!