September 14, 2009

Photo Update

My two boys...

Morty actually runs like this at the park. He can't see where he's going, but he still has a blast. He hasn't run into anyone so far. So far.

Happy puppy.

My BH made these onigiri to celebrate the radio show. Is he good or what? It was almost sad to have to eat them.

Then he made these amazing scrambled eggs. *drooling*

Morty eyed them until they were gone.


I think the way he rests his giant head on the coffee table is one of the more endearing things he does.
But then again, I think everything he does is endearing.


aandjblog said...

ohhh! Morty is just the cutest thing. So if you're bh for making the best onigiri I've ever seen

zoom said...

I don't know what onigiri is, but WOW. It's gorgeous.

Hannah said...

Morty is such a cutie! Our dog also rests her head on the table. It gives her the best chance at making eye contact when she mooches. LOL