September 25, 2009

Photo Update


Here are some random pictures from my recent adventures, all completely out of order thanks to Blogger's terrible photo uploading system.

First, I snapped this pic at the art show in Toronto. This woman has two things I covet: A kick ass dress (stripes! belt!), and a Righteous Babe tattoo on her back. I wanted to bring her back to Ottawa with me.

This woman was watching Shawna play her set. Yes, she has two pugs in her bike basket, and one pug purse over her shoulder. (I think she likes pugs)

I sympathise as a self-proclaimed bulldog obsessed gal. But slap me if I ever buy a purse that looks exactly like Morty.

My BH and I found this farmer's market by chance when we were wandering around Toronto. We bought creamed honey and some maple syrup. So far, everyone I've mentioned this to has said, "You're from Ottawa and you went to Toronto to buy maple syrup??" I still don't see what's wrong with that. It's good maple syrup, too.
They were selling a lot of elk meat there as well, but I passed.

It was my mom's birthday while we were away, so we bought her this insane mini cake at a bakery on Queen. Those are fondant fishies! And the fondant actually tasted great! This is rare, in my opinion. I hate bad fondant something fierce.
Anyway, fishies aside, the cake was chocolate and lavender. Amazing combo.

My folks are fabulous, no?

Out of order, but still funny: A sign outside a coffee shop in Toronto.

Rachel and I trying to eat messy cake on a busy sidewalk. We were completely covered in chocolate by the end of the experiment. My BH pretty much took pictures and laughed at us the whole time. Thankfully, Rach had a container of wet wipes in her purse, because she hangs out with kids more often than I do.

That's it for now, folks!


Will said...

You were in Toronto and didn't call me? I guess that's almost as bad as me being in Ottawa and not calling you.

Hannah said...

Great pics! That cake looks goooood!