September 15, 2009

Brain Dump

This post is going to be a mish-mash of what's going on in my brain - just a warning that it may not tie together all that well.

I had a big long talk with The Colombian this past weekend. He called unexpectedly from Miami, and I was thrilled to see his weird phone number on my screen. There is something about catching up with people I've known forever that just tickles me silly.

I think he is the only friend I have that can get away with being a consistently shit-awful communicator. If anyone else disappeared for months or years at a time, blowing off e-mails and phone calls repeatedly, I'd lose interest and move on to someone who gave a crap. I've quit trying to stay friends with people who don't care one way or the other. But him? The times where we do talk are so, so worth it. I've stopped feeling hurt or rejected by his lousy convo skills, because I know that underneath it all, he's still a really great friend. Funny, that. The exception to the rule.

He's coming back in November for a visit. I wonder if he'll call.... ;)

In the past, I've mentioned how my feet and legs are pretty fucked up (very flat feet, very sore knees, compressed nerves making everything numb). I'm trying different things to make my body a little less unhappy, including the massages with my fab cousin Brian, stretches, and hopefully some new orthodics. Actually, the most helpful thing I've tried was having a chiropractor stretch out my legs and feet, but it's hard to get there for an appointment.

Anyway, now I'm trying out a foam roller. My BH bought it when he was at a fitness store, and I nearly laughed him out of the house. It's like a giant pool noodle, except that it's much more rigid. CUE MORE LAUGHTER. I may have put it between my legs and galloped around the house on it. Maybe.

The exercises you can use it for are actually exactly what I need. I'm hoping that I can do them every couple of days. Unfortunately, when I tried these stretches out last night, I realized the tragic flaw of the foam roller: If you have really damaged yourself, chances are that even the easiest stretches will BURN WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS and make you scream out in pain.

As I did.

On our living room floor last night.

In my underwear, using the blasted foam roller. Screeching.

I'll keep taking it slow with the hopes that I can graduate to stretching without pain sometime in the future. I guess I've just realized that the foam roller is designed for people with normal aches. Not people with years of ouch built up in their legs.

This weekend is our trip to Toronto. On one hand I'm really excited (shopping! friends! hotel!), but overall? I'm so nervous about leaving Morty. He's staying with a neighbour of ours who loves dogs, and adores Morty. I'm sure he'll do a lovely job. But we've only been away from Morty ONCE since we got him over a year ago, and I'm feeling a little hysterical about being without him for three days.

I hope it goes well.

I really hope that I can put my mind to rest and enjoy my vacation without worrying about my puppy all weekend.

Oy veh.


Nat said...

Isn't it supposed to hurt?

I have rigid roller thingy and the idea is to increase blood flow. (no clue here but I have seen many videos on the internets about it?)

Shawna said...

Make sure your Mortysitters don't feed him 5x more than what he's supposed to eat ;)

I'm sure he'll be safe and happy and squishy.

Excited to see you!

XUP said...

Can't you take Morty with? Lots of hotels allow pets in the room for a small maintenance deposit. And Toronto is very dog friendly - they're allowed in many shops and restaurants and, unless things have changed, on the transit system. I don't think there's a structure on Queen West that doesn't allow dogs, for instance.

XUP said...

PS: Please, if you're in Kensington Market could you stop by King's Cafe and buy up all the veggie bacon they have there and bring it home? For a sample of this culinary miracle check out Sadie's Diner for an amazing veggie breakfast.

Hannah said...

My body can get sore too sometimes. I find Hatha yoga helps stretch out the muscles and enables you to relax. :)

Stella said...

Nat: For sure... But I can't even put my weight on my hip when I use that thing.

Shawna: Oh yes, that mistake won't be made again! Poor round puppy.

XUP: The hotel does allow dogs, but we are taking the train up and that complicates things. I'll be in Kensington... Should I plan to buy them out of veg bacon then?

Hannah: That's a good suggestion too!

Shawna said...

ps: we can totally go for brunch at Sadie's if you're craving said veggie bacon when you're here...

Anonymous said...

My physio suggested the foam roller too. And also said I could work my way up to it starting with using a rolled-up towel, and then a pool noodle, and then a rolling pin. Putting a towel or cloth over the rolling pin helped too to lessen the intensity.