September 28, 2009

The Madness Begins


I've been eating terribly over the past few days. A lot of sugary baked goods and deep fried zucchini sticks. I'm not entirely sure how I convinced myself that I could get away with that.... But I'm regretting it already. Saaad tummy.

It's actually been a crazy few days, now that I think back. We went bowling in Carleton Place Friday night (fun, in a weird way) and I managed to completely piss off the server at the Thirsty Moose pub. Whatever. They fed me revolting licorice-flavoured pasta. I'm bound to get a little feisty, is all I'm saying.

Saturday I hopped in the car with Heather and two other fine ladies, and we went to Montreal for the day. I kept saying naive things like, "I'm not going to buy any clothes, I'll just wander around while you guys shop." HAHAHA. Silly me. Everything I bought was on sale, and it was all practical. But I certainly did buy.

I think Montreal is messing with me. After I finished high school, all my close friends and former flames moved to Montreal. It was my emotional epicentre. I visited constantly; in fact, I wrote quite a few songs about my trips on the Greyhound. I was sure I would go to university there, but opted to stay in Ottawa instead. Partly for the program, but largely for my sweetheart. I'm glad I stayed.

Over the past few years, all my Montreal people have emptied out. They've moved all over the world, it seems, and now I'm left with this giant Montreal-shaped void. This weekend's day trip was the first time I had visited the city since everyone had left, and I won't lie.... I was weird. I'm so used to going there to visit people. Is Montreal really just a shopping destination for me now? I never thought the day would come.

Yesterday was equal parts rehearsal, cleaning and entertaining. I can happily report that Brian and I practiced the crap out of my new song, Alternative to Flight, and it's officially ready for gigs. We played it at Irene's last month, yes, but I'm going to strike that from my memory. It wasn't quite ready. We'll bust it out this Thursday at U of O.

My BH and I had invited some friends over for drinks and snacks yesterday evening, hence the cleaning. I wanted to serve mulled cider with baguette and brie, guacamole and garlic crostinis. Except that Hartman's was out of cider, and the wine booth was closed. I grudgingly opened a bottle of wine I had bought for someone else as a gift. Yes, I'm that person.

The visit was great, in the end, and our lovely guests brought extra wine AND chocolate peanut butter cookies. Clearly they are made of 100% awesome. Morty probably enjoyed the visit more than anyone else, however, because he had FOUR humans fawning over him instead of the usual two. He parked himself between our guests and stayed there all night, a dreamy smile on his face.

This week is looking almost as packed as last week. Why does Autumn fill up so quickly? I guess I'm not really complaining, but I would really like to get to bed before 1am tonight.


Hannah said...

So licorice-flavoured pasta isn't the 'taste sensation' it sounds like? LOL

Will you be posting pictures of your shopping finds from Montréal?

Stella said...

Yeah, the pasta was REVOLTING, coming from a tried and true licorice fan.

I think only you and I would get a kick out of my purchases! Practical cardigans and pinks tights.