July 22, 2009



My BH is out in the woods house sitting for the next three weeks. He's taking Morty with him about half the time.

This means that last night, I found myself in a completely empty house. Since we moved in to this apartment, I can count the number of times I've been alone on one hand.

Some weird stuff happened.

First, I decided to cook a lot of food. That's not weird, per se, but considering that nobody was there to help me eat, it wasn't totally logical. Still. A big batch of zucchini latkes and enough waffles to feed an army. Into the freezer they go!

Then I ate a bowl of lime sorbet.

I wrote half a song. It's so easy to write when nobody is around.

Wandered around for a while, wondering what to do.

Took out my label maker and labeled all of my tea containers.

Wandered around some more.

Called my BH. Made him give Morty big kisses for me.

Went to bed.

I think, with some practice, I will get better at being alone. I already have a long list of things I'd like to organize, which excited me to no end. That label maker is going to get a workout! Also, mopping should be a lot easier.

Added bonus: It's only been one evening and I already feel more creative. Strange!

I guess I'm not really selling y'all on the exciting life of a songwriter, huh?

I take that back. Waffles are WAY exciting.


J. said...

David's been away all week too. This is what I've done: put on fake cooking shows for the pets, watched girly television, sang a lot of musical numbers, kept the kitchen obsessively clean in a way that would drive any other human bonkers but was lovely for me, tried on random outfits in front of the mirror, accidently slept in a lot.

Stella said...

These are all good things. This will help me expand the quality of my alone time by leaps and bounds... Thank you!

Laura said...

Waffles rock, but new songs rock even more!!!!! And I agree, if our of practice, being alone can take some work to rock at!

Stella said...

True... New songs are pretty exciting!