July 13, 2009

Sleep Deprived, But Happy


The gig in Toronto was good, but the highlight by far was getting to catch up with some of my favourite folks during the 12 hours I was actually in the city.

My voice was tired and at the last minute, I changed my skirt into a shirt because I thought I looked tarty. Hopefully the switch dialed down the tartiness a bit. The venue was great, complete with a creepy stone basement, and the two boys on the bill were kick ass. The room was pretty full too, which is always a good thing. However, I didn't get to bed until 3am, which is something I haven't done in a while. The train ride home was essentially a long, uncomfortable sleep.

I really need to go to Toronto with no agenda. I never get to do half the stuff I want to when I'm there. I could just walk around my fave neighbourhoods for days... And did you hear? Pages is closing! I'd like to get back there before it shuts down for good. I stopped by right before I caught my train and stocked up on Fomato cards. They have become a bit of an obsession for me.

The reason I came back as quickly as I did was because of the Bluesfest... I didn't want to miss Neko Case and Ani Difranco. I'm glad I came back. My BH and I found Milan and we all enjoyed some tunage until the festival finished. I loved Neko's set - she's really phenomenal. But Ani? Kicked such ass that I found myself transforming into a screaming 12-year-old girl again. Seeing her happy like that actually choked me up. Spoken like the rabid fan I am. Her new songs were great, too.

My only complaint is that the jerk next to me blew his cigarette smoke into my face for most of the concert. My angry glares didn't seem to register with him. Hey dude? You are a Grade A jackass.

I have two more nights of Bluesfest and then I'm done... In the end, I'm relieved I didn't go for the full pass, because I would have burned right out. A few key shows will suit me fine.


Bob said...

Just how does "changing a skirt into a shirt" make the look LESS tarty? :-)

Jessica said...

I stopped by Pages before coming to your show to bid it farewell. The place was packed, which I guess is normal when a business announces it's closing its doors. Very sad new.

Also, fantastic show! I wish I could have stuck around longer. I didn't get home until 3 AM either! Damn GO Bus! :)

It was great to see you!

Stella said...

Bob: Fair question... I turned it into a long tube top and threw on my jeans. I find it hard to function when I'm not wearing denim.

Jess: It was so great to see you! I guess we both adjusted our sleeping patterns that night. Next time I come to Toronto, we'll have to chat more.

Milan said...

I want to get the 'Which side are you on?' Obama song.