July 5, 2009

Normal Sunday


Peterborough wasn't so bad.

This time I was actually there on a Saturday, when shops are open. Usually I am there on a Sunday, when church is open. I am not terribly church-y.

I scored some sweet buys. BodyGlide, as recommended by a blogger friend. Two sparkly wresting masks, which I have no plans for.... I'll either give them as gifts or use them at Halloween. They are crazy awesome. I also spent an hour in an antique store perusing their collection of vintage Playboy and Penthouse magazines, although I ended up buying a washboard instead. That store had to oddest collection of antiques, including a lunchbox in the shape of a sandwich. Probably should have bought that too.

Now I am back home and full of dim sum. We took Morty to the park and he ran his face off. We were also planning on going to see the new Transformers movie until I let it slip that I actually wasn't nuts about the last film, and now my BH is refusing to go in protest.*

So basically a normal Sunday.

I have a gig in Toronto next Saturday that I'm really pumped for, because I get to visit Shawna and wander around some of my favourite Toronto neighbourhoods. Do you live in Toronto? Come to the gig! It'll be rad.

*Although, in retrospect, I never made it a secret that I didn't like the movie.... I distinctly remember making barfing sounds throughout the screening.


Shawna said...

Bring your camera when you come! I'll take pictures of you on stage. We'll take pictures of ourselves eating food. It'll be awesome.

Tom Sawyer said...

Peterborough? Wow. My ol' stompin' ground. You played there? Where? And how'd it go?

Toronto? My ol' stompin' ground, too. You gonna play there? And where? I used to work at the El Mo.

Nat said...

Body Glide is a must if you wear skirts without pantyhose and have, not-so skinny thighs.

Will said...

Wow, BodyGlide is a lot less exciting than I was hoping for.

Stella said...

Shawna: Will do!

TS: No gig in Peterborough, just some babies to visit. Playing at the Cameron House in Toronto though...

Nat: I will be testing it out this week!

Will: HAH. You crack me up. The Penthouse and Playboy mags weren't exciting enough for you?

Shawna said...

I gotta admit, I thought BodyGlide would end up being more Astroglide and less RunningRoom too. And I'm not even close to the dirtiest one in the room here...