July 30, 2009

I Give Myself Advice


Yesterday was one of those off days. It went by too slowly, and a bunch of little things went wrong. The morning puppy walk was a disaster. I messed stuff up at work. I got a migraine.

But now it's over! That's the great thing about a bad day. Eventually, it has to end.

My glorious time alone in the apartment was short-lived. As in, one full evening. One full evening without my dog and my man.

It became clear pretty quickly that Morty is not really a country dog. He's a bowling ball of energy, drool and love, but he's not a country dog. The dog that came with the house in the woods is Morty's opposite: old, calm, happy to wander in the forest for hours unattended (also eats poo. unrelated, but GROSS). They get along, yes, but the combination of giant puppy and quiet country dog became a bit too much for my BH.

So much for my songwriting time.

It's nice to have Morty at home with me. I miss him like crazy when he's gone. But I'm a bit sad that my creative time died so fast. I honestly have no idea how I'm going to write another album's worth of songs. I think it's actually giving me anxiety.

Perhaps the answer is this: Don't think about it. Don't attach a timeline to an album. Don't attach any expectations. Just wait for the right time, the right songs, and the means.

Self? Are you listening? Because this is good advice. Take it.


Anonymous said...

You could get A&J to babysit Morty for a week or so. They've had lots of experience now.

Milan said...

For the good of the music-appreciating community, a way forward must be found.

Nat said...

I'm going to borrow this advice. Although The Man used to say that just writing something anything would force whatever it is out...

I find it just leads to editing.

Tom Sawyer said...

So how the hell did John & Paul do it? Even while swept up in a time-consuming whirlwind of fame, they still wrote. Right?

I'm guessing a lot of the time they drew from material they had written years before.

Stella said...

XUP: Such a good idea.

Milan: I will persevere!

Nat: I'm not much of a forcer... It just comes out sucky when I do.

TS: Dude, if I wasn't working at a desk eight hours a day and I was rich and travelling the world, you bet I'd be writing up a storm. Also, I don't think John and Paul had a bulldog who cried and growled loudly when they heard a guitar being played. Just sayin'....

Shawna said...

Should I sneak in and secretly crank your guitar into an alternate tuning and then not tell you?


I was listening to "Bike Ride" today and thought "hey...that open tuning sounds sort of familiar..."