July 31, 2009

Bright Eyes, Bad Days


Apparently that thing I mentioned about bad days needing to end was untrue. Sometimes they just continue. They make bad day babies. They multiply.

It's okay. My days aren't actually that awful, they're just UGH. Really. All I can think to describe them is this sound.

Or maybe GAAAAAH.

Last night I froze approximately ten million blueberries. It was oddly taxing, because I had to freeze them first on a cookie sheet so they wouldn't all stick together. It took four full cookie sheets of blueberries to get the whole batch done, and then I had to transfer them into freezer bags. Except that I was out of freezer bags and so I had to run around finding old ones and washing them out. And I cut up my fingers on the ice.


At one point I lost the pen I was making a list with. I found it later in the freezer.

But by that point, I had lost the list.

I'm heading up to the house in the woods tonight, and I really hope my mood improves. I think I'm just a bit burned out with the combination of work (while my boss is on vacation, so I'm doing an extra job), no partner at home, and my rambunctious puppy. I miss my BH. He's technically not that far away, but I miss seeing him when I get home. He's so damn good looking.

Tomorrow we're going to a crazy awesome wedding. I'm playing this song as the bride comes down the aisle. Then we're going to eat pie and sri lankan buffet and dance our hearts out.

That should scare the UGH right out of me.


Jackson Couse said...

If the buffet is Ceylonta, you are in for a real treat!

I photographed a wedding catered by them years ago and it was INSANE. So much good food I thought I would explode!

That is something to smile about :)

Beeks said...

I'm blaming everyone's bad days on the weather. There's not a single person I know right now who isn't sick or just depressed/anxiety-riddled. We need to start an Ottawa-Weather's-Got-Me-Down support group.

zoom said...

Woods. You need woods.

La Canadienne said...

I hope your weekend is looking up by now!

Also: this is a beautiful song I have not heard before. I think it would be even better with your voice. Can I reserve you for my wedding? I will let you know when I have a date. And a groom. And a proposal.