July 3, 2009

Anything for Baby Cheeks


So it looks like I'll be driving to Peterborough with my mom this evening, driving back tomorrow night after we've cuddled some adorable new baby cheeks brought into the world by my cousin and his wifey.

Can I be frank? I'm not the biggest fan of Peterborough. I like to wander around the downtown, but that only takes about five minutes, and then I want to leave. Once I tried to find a place that sold coffee on Sunday morning, thinking I would surprise my BH. Nothing was open.

The town is entirely the wrong size for my brain - Ottawa is GOOD small, but I tend not to enjoy cities that are any smaller than Ottawa. I like to move up in size. Montreal. Toronto. My memory of Vancouver is a bit fuzzy, but you get the picture. Although I really liked Halifax.

The fact that I have a good deal of family in Peterborough is about the only reason I don't go mental when we visit. Even then, I go a bit mental.

Luckily, I'll be staying with my sister tonight, and she has two newly-adopted kittens for me to play with. Although I grew up with cats, I've gotten very used to my giant, growly bulldog. I'll have to remind myself to be delicate with the kittens. They are not made of steel, as is Morty, and his Ass of Danger.

Oh, I will miss him this evening. He is such a cuddle bunny when he's tired.

*Stella digresses into visions of her giant, drooling puppy*


Nat said...

I with you, I love Halifax but anything smaller than that makes me insane.

Good luck in Peterbourough.