July 27, 2009

In The Mud


That was a wet weekend.

So this house in the woods my BH is looking after? It's new. Like, two months old.

As such, it doesn't really have a yard yet. Last week, the yard was still just a big pile of dirt. If you combine the dirt with the incessant rain, you get....Yes... A giant mud slide! A giant, shoe-stealing, skirt-ruining party of a mud slide.

Did I mention that we're taking care of two doggies as well? Doggies that like to run around in the mud? Doggies that like to run around in new houses afterwards?

Anyways. I'll let you put all those things together. The short version of the story is this: I'm pretty grimy, and my BH is a little more stressed out than usual. He has also become an expert at wielding a mop and a towel simultaneously.

But the good news is that Milan was able to come up with us yesterday, and I believe he actually got a photo of Morty swimming. Swimming! My bulldog! On camera! Imagine that. I'm harassing him for the pictures.

Unfortunately, the adorable doggie swim time was interrupted by a canoe, of all things. A canoe that was quietly floating by. An innocent canoe, you could say. I think the two people paddling were on a date.

Morty lacks the social grace to recognize any of these things. He decided the canoe was a threat to our safety barked angrily at the poor canoeists until they changed direction. The girl was genuinely scared, despite my insistence that Morty was just being an asshole. Away went the canoe.

Morty stood in the water and snarled victoriously. I hung my head in shame. SUPER AWKWARD.

In non-muddy news, my BH and I finally made it out to the Landsdowne Farmer's Market. Holy local fruit, batman! We picked up some cherries, blackberries, plums, and apricots (hands down my fave).

I've already eaten everything. I'm sure you would expect no less from me.


Nat said...

Been that kind of weekend all around. Between ant clean up in aisle 2, I became the mom that yells "TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES."

Suppose shoes aren't an option for Morty eh?

Tiana said...

I heard those fruits are actually from Niagara because no local fruit growers are wanting to go to Lansdowne for various reasons.

Jackson Couse said...

I like the one at St. Paul's too. A little further, but also good.

XUP said...

The really big fruit stand with the peaches and plums and apricots IS from Beamsville. The story I heard was that they normally wouldn't have allowed a farmer from so far away at the market, but he has stuff no one else does so they let him. I can't figure out how it's economical for him to do that every week, but I'm glad he's there because he has good stuff.

Stella said...

Nat: Morty would eat the shoes, and then crap them out. On the carpet.

Tiana: Dang... They are so gooood!

Jackson: I love that one too, probably even more than Landsdowne. I just never seem to get over there in time.

XUP: Anyone who brings baskets of apricots is a friend of mine!