July 20, 2009

Paddle Paddle Paddle


Guess what? Morty can swim!

We had read that most bulldogs sink like stones in the water, so we weren't too enthusiastic about getting our Morty to a lake. No need to test out his abilities if they are likely to end with a traumatic fear of water.

Then, yesterday we were on a small stroll in the Gatineau hills when Morty's dog friend jumped into the nearby river. Without even thinking, Morty followed her in and looked up at me with a look of total surprise. He was paddling! He makes the greatest face when he swims.... His eyes bug out and he squishes his lips together like he's concentrating REALLY HARD.

It was seriously the cutest thing. And he does a lot of cute things.

I was starting to feel comfortable with him in the water when he got ambitious and dove off a dock. The water was waaay too deep and he started sinking like, well, a bulldog. Yes, I jumped in with my jeans on and got him out. He still went back in and swam some more afterwards, which I'm thrilled about.

It was a wet ride home, but no worries. My bulldog did the Concentrated Doggie Paddle! I can deal with a little river water.

Okay, full disclosure: The ride home would have been a bit better if he hadn't run through a muddy swamp on the way to the car, but that's what towels are for. Towels and steam cleaners.


La Canadienne said...

You have the sexiest, most coolest bulldog ever.

Stella said...

Morty sure likes to think he's sexy, but his approach is a bit... Forward. With the guys and the gals. And their appendages.

Hannah said...

LOL. Glad he didn't drown. (Poor bulldogs can't float) So he may not be completely aquatic, but does Morty like sprinklers?

XUP said...

And where was your camera at this all-important milestone?

Tom Sawyer said...

Yeah. We seriously need to see more photos. I mean, why hide when you're partly famous. Right?

Stella said...

Hannah: I don't think he's ever even seen a sprinkler... But he likes to play with the hose!

That's not a euphemism.

XUP: I wasn't expecting anything exciting to happen, so no camera! It was better that way, because the camera would have died a watery death when I jumped in the river.

Tom: But it's more fun to hide!