July 14, 2009

Hey, Toots


My dad is in Italy right now teaching a maskmaking workshop. Just hearing about it makes me want to travel. After my trip to India, I was happy to stay home for a while... But now the bug is back!

Tonight I'm seeing Toots and the Maytals at the fest (anyone else?), even though it's pretty cold out today. I'l just layer up and accept that I'm not going to look even remotely sexy. That's okay... I'm not sure sexy is the point of outdoor music festivals.

Speaking of which, I've seen a bunch of people at the festival wearing high heels and mini skirts... Anyone care to enlighten me on the logic? You know, since we're all standing in what is essentially a muddy field? Just sayin'.

A few of you have asked if I'm playing any Ottawa dates, and the answer is YES! I'm playing at Irene's with one of my favourite bands, The Gruff. The show is on Wednesday, August 19, and you're all invited to come rock the fuck out.

Well, it's folk, actually... So rock out quietly.


Hannah said...

I hear ya! I've got the urge to wander SO badly! I can't wait to leave the city for awhile at the end of the month.:)

Bob said...

It's not folk. It's Heavy Wood.

aandjblog said...

I was just thinking the same thing last night. We went to the Gym Class Hero concert and left early b/c is was raining hard and it was cold. When we were walking away, I could see lots of women is mini-skirts and dress, with hardly anything to cover them up for the rain. Blah. No thanks. I'll go home, grab my jeans and put on a cozy sweatshirt.. thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

This Simpsons quote sums it up best, "it" being wearing high heels and miniskirts to an outdoor festival in an open field in bad weather.

Grampa Simpson:

I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was. Now, what I'm with isn't it, and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me

Stella said...

Hannah: That's so soon! Enjoy!

Bob: Point taken.

J: Cozy sweatshirts all the way...

Anon: A favourite quote of mine... And so fitting!

Marie-Adèle said...

Waaaaah, I'll miss you by days! I'm leaving on the 15th... But we still need to see each other while I'm in town! :D