July 15, 2009

Fight for Your Right


Oh, Toots and the Maytals blew my mind. Xavier Rudd was great too, but seriously. Toots all the way.

Tonight I'm seeing The National and K'naan, and let me tell you, people just give me blank stares when I say that I'm going to see someone other than Kiss. I know Kiss is legendary. I know they're insane. But K'naan and The National are pretty much the perfect bill for me, so that's why I paid the big bucks. Not for the old dudes with makeup.

Besides which, I'm already totally freaked out about the sheer number of people who will be there tonight. I would not willingly wander over to the main stage. It remains to be seen whether or not I'll even be able to HEAR K'naan over the Kiss madness.

I freaking hope so. Because K'naan? I love him.

I've been going to bed so late this week, and I can already feel it in my throat. Every time I deprive myself of sleep, I get sick. It's pretty predictable, but sucky nonetheless. I should be able to do some napping this weekend - in fact, I'll have to make it happen, because I don't want to be smacked down with a giant cold.

... Especially since I've got a wild wedding coming up that requires me to get my dance on. Gotta fight for your right to party, nece-pas?


Shawna said...

I have been pretty damn impressed with your waking unstoppability in the last bunch of days!

Milan said...


Quelle horreur!