My BH was already asleep when I got home from work yesterday. School is taking the energy right out of him, and I didn't want to wake him up when he really needed a rest.

Since he was passed out in the front room, I went back to the kitchen to see if I could busy myself there. I can almost always busy myself in the kitchen.

First I baked up the last of my freezer stashed cookie dough. There were only a few balls left and gave me a good excuse to make more. (I will never be skinny as long as I keep cookie dough in the freezer - it is too delicious)

My fridge was a mess of thawing veggies from my freezer cleanout the day before. I had a giant bag of cooked black beans, and a smaller bag of summer peas. Then I remembered what my friend's parents used to do - when they had extra veggies and grains, they would blend them up with spices and make little burgers. Done and done.

I threw the beans and peas in the food processor and got them nice and smooth. I added tomato paste, chili sauce, cilantro, garlic, bread crumbs and seasoning. The mixture was flattened into patties and rolled in corn meal. Half of them were fried, and half were baked. I can't decide which I liked more, but I enjoyed them both thoroughly.

They needed some salsa, however, so I threw some tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, lemon and green onion into the food processor. Voila.

A couple hours had passed by this point, and my BH was still snoozing away. I folded the laundry and read a book until he woke up.

I suppose the point of all this is to say that I'm noticing a trend. Lately I've been Slowing. Right. Down. I have zero desire to run around like crazy... I'd rather spend three hours in my kitchen mashing beans.

So weird. But so nice.

Speaking of taking it slow, look at this awesome lady. She could teach me a thing or two about using what you've got, no?


Jessica said...

Oh, that lady's so sweet! I remember visiting my grandma awhile back, before she died, and she was eating crackers, soaked in milk and sprinkled with sugar, and I thought it was the strangest thing. But she said it was the kind of thing her family would have had for dinner as farmers during the depression, and it stuck with her!

Stella said...

That's a great story... My Bubbi has some similar ones from during the war.

raino said...

my mom used to eat bread, milk and was a cheap thing to eat but i can't remember what she called it but there was a name for it.

well, that sounds like a nice way to spend a couple of hours.

at the end of your post i was expecting you to say that the trend was that you'r BH sleeps while you make dinner and fold laundry, which would be quite typical in my house!


Stella said...

Raino... Actually, that has become a bit of a trend, but I'm sure it's just related to school exhaustion.

At least... I hope it is. :)