I am not feeling so fresh this morning.

I'm not sure whether to blame it on alcohol consumption, bad sleep or excessive furniture rearranging. Perhaps it was all three that did me in. Either way, I will be very glad when this day is over. My head feels like a cinder block.

The delightful JonnyB has described the Disney experience much better than I can. Please enjoy his rendition of meeting the main Mouse. He must be relieved his mother-in-law was not there to make him sit on Mickey's lap!

Unrelated: May I describe one of my pet peeves?

I watch a lot of TV news, and I do not understand this aggravating trend of reporting extremely stupid studies. Here are some simplified examples of recent studies I've been subjected to:

Too many vitamins are bad for you.
Vitamins are great - take them all the time.
Smoking can shorten your life.
Being extremely fat is unhealthy.
Getting lots of sleep can make you feel rested.
Showering makes you clean.

WHAT THE FUCKING HELL. Are these things not common sense? Who in their right mind would pay for a study that tells us being morbidly obese is unhealthy? It makes me twitchy!

That is all for today - I must now focus my mind away from the overwhelming craving for Ethiopian food that just took over my brain.


raino said...

not only common sense but are the first two not contradicting one another....sorry, i am tired too so maybe they are not! lol

Laura said...

Gotta love them studies...really enlightening!!!!!

Hope all is well.

Watching the Junos last night, I thought of how cool it will be when you win one...oh ya baby, that would be sweet! And well deserved!

Hannah said...

Yeah, common sense studies are annoying. It also bothers me when the media jumps all over findings done by ONE study and then orders people to do this or that or else! LOL.

Marie-Adèle said...

Getting lots of sleep can make you feel rested?! Get outta here! :O

I must try it sometime!