March 22, 2009

And Then My Wallet Cried


Things have improved! It's amazing what a $250 emergency vet visit can do (besides cause me to panic and grab my credit card).

Morty quickly got worse after the initial, uh, explosion, and we decided not to chance it. Turns out he caught some sort of exciting bug out and about that was wrecking havock on his guts. The vet was sweet and was very kind to my nervous pup. Even when she did that weird anal probe thingy.

Now my baby is feeling much better:

Thank you antibiotics. Not so much the anal probe.

Morty got to meet two Newfoundlanders in the waiting room, and judging by the look of pure joy on his face, he was thinking "OMG, A BEAR! Where is the bum end? Can I smell it?"

Other than the vet visit, I had a great weekend. I got to hang out with other people's babies - holy cute! Meet little Maggie:

Yes, she smiles like that pretty much all the time.

I also cleaned out my basement, which until today was about as messy as we left it when we first moved in. I even opened a window and used the clothesline. What a feeling! I even had a talk with Andi this morning about growing lettuce, and dude, that makes me some happy. Lettuce! Imagine!

My BH finishes classes soon, and I think I'm almost as excited as he is. One more year and we're home free. He went to the barber today and got his hair cut and his beard shaved off. He looks about five years younger. I never worry much about changes in his facial hair - he pretty much just needs to concentrate and VOILA! Beard. The smooth face is pretty nice though.

Hope you all had a lovely spring weekend. Open a window and celebrate!


Em said...

I'm glad the pup is OK! Those kinda problems are rough on everyone!

raino said...

ah.poor morty. maybe it will be a long time before another blow out. yay morty!

morty and maggie are cute as a button btw.

Hannah said...

Glad Morty is doing better. Selena was also having stomach problems, but that was due to the fact that she eats practically everything and anything. LOL.

raino said...

hey, molly eats everything too! thankfully has laid off the knickers lately. was beginning to think of taking shares out in fruit of the loom underwear.

Stella said...

Em: Rough on everyone and the furniture too!

Raino: I'm very thankful that Morty doesn't eat underwear... YET.

Hannah: Poor Selena. Whle it's not fun for the humans, it's not fun for the puppies either...