March 12, 2009



Tomorrow's funeral is going to be very strange.

I don't see this side of the family very often. In fact, the last time I saw them all was at a funeral several years ago in the same funeral home. How sad is that? But it makes sense - my parents were never cheerleaders for spending loads of time with our extended family. Frankly, there were so many of them, it would have been quite the challenge. We got to know our immediate family and those we chose to be part of our crew.

Everyone else, we saw at funerals.

Funny, because I've never actually been to a wedding on this side of the family either.

Going to India with my BH was a brain twist... There, family is everything and you know them all. Your cousin's cousin's cousin, and all their neighbours, and their neighbour's neighbours. That's how all of Mumbai seemed to know that we were married (even though we're not) because it only took one person saying it and BAM. Marriage.

I digress.

Last night, I caught a glimpse of this salad and suddenly found myself with blinders on. All I wanted was that salad. So on my way home, I went to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients I needed. Somehow I managed to leave one of my grocery bags at the cash, and didn't notice until I was back in my house with my Kitchen Bitch apron on, chopping the hell out of my veggies.

I ran back to the store, which was closing in fifteen minutes, and gestured to my receipt in a panic. They had just put all my things away. I felt like a jackass, watching them run around the store trying to collect everything.

The salad was worth it, I'm happy to report. I think I might make it again tonight.

So... I'm still waiting nervously for winter to snap back at us and laugh.... What's with all this spring weather?


Laura said...

Prayers and well wishes for tomorrow. I can totally relate to your description of how different family dynamics can be.


Nat said...

Good luck tomorrow. My mom's family is huge -- yet, like you, we only ever see them at funerals. Odd eh?

raino said...

you must post that salad recipe...maybe you already have, i have not visited for ages!