March 28, 2009

Mickey's Lap


XUP actually managed to guess where I went last night, so I may as well spill the beans. I went to Disney on Ice. No, seriously. Me. There.

First, a disclaimer that I know some of you out there really love Disney, and that's cool with me. It's just that since I outgrew the Little Mermaid, I haven't been able to stomach Disney-style cheese and I now avoid it like the plague.

So how did I end up losing two hours of my life in a hockey arena surrounded by thousands of screaming children in a sea of fluorescent pink cotton candy?

My mum-in-law loves Disney. So does my dad-in-law. So does their youngest son. And there was an extra ticket. When I was asked, I couldn't think of an excuse not to go, and I honestly didn't expect it to make my brain bleed the way it did.

The experience was... Interesting. Mostly humiliating. A lot of the kids were my height, and while I know I'm short, it was a bit of a jarring reminder. Also, my MIL made all of us sit on Mickey's lap and take a picture. I'M NOT EVEN JOKING. There is photographic evidence that I was at Disney on Ice, and it involves me sitting on Mickey Mouse's lap with a look of frozen horror on my face. I assure you, if I wasn't surrounded by family and a bunch of snotty children, I could have done much funnier things with that situation.

Perhaps you think I'm spineless for tagging along and even posing for the photo.... But honestly, that woman is so good to me. The least I can do is spend some time doing the things she likes to do. After all, she once showed up to a lesbian music festival I was playing at to say hi before my set. She's cool like that.

I woke up this morning with a crazy migraine, and so did my dad-in-law, so we're guessing that the Disney pyrotechnics show does bad things to a person's brain.

I personally think the migraine was caused by getting the Mickey theme song in my head and humming it as I went to sleep. That's enough to cause brain damage. Let's be honest.

Today is the kind of beautiful I've been dreaming about all winter. My BH and I are going to a BBQ for the first time since the fall. Best of all? I peeled the plastic off my windows!! It doesn't get much better than that.


robin said...

We need to see the picture.

XUP said...

I would never have breathed a word of this to anyone so I hope you didn't confess only because of my astoundingly mad Sherlockian skills. Anyway, as long as you have a kid with you, you're allowed to go to this stuff with impunity.

Shawna said...

Disney movies are one thing. Disney ON ICE. Oh my.

Most importantly, did you buy a part of light-up Mickey Mouse ears?

Shawna said...

a PAIR rather.

Stella said...

Robin: Nobody will ever see that picture. It's in a Mickey Mouse frame at the in-laws, and there it will stay.

XUP: You really DO have mad Sherlockian skills. I am impressed.

Shawna: Hells to the no. But the in-laws did. That was one thing I refused to wear.

raino said...

i like 'MIL made all of us sit on Mickey's lap and take a picture. I'M NOT EVEN JOKING'.

will expect to see photos posted too!

thanks for the reminder that we gotta get rid of the plastic on our windows!

Nat said...

Brain bleeding pain... pretty much sums it up.

The Boy is going to Disney end of the month, my parents are taking him because we won't...

Good on you for doing stuff with the InLaws. I drew the line at Celine Dion.

Jessica said...

Since you've come clean, so must I. I was at Disney on Ice last week. In my defense, I took a six-year-old and he had the time of his life, so it wasn't quite the disaster it could have been.

Stella said...

Jessica! Are you serious? I feel so much better now!

You should come visit me so we can compare experiences. ;)

Jessica said...

Haha that sounds like a plan! I just wanted to let you know you're not the only person in their mid-twenties to subject themselves to such things!