March 18, 2009

Brain Chatter

I am so damn happy I decided not to get a bus pass after the strike. Not only has the service to my work gone terribly wrong, but every time I hear the union send out some idiotic comment into the press, I see red. They have honestly made the term 'public transit' sound bad to me. I am a poster girl for public transit! How dare they fuck up my love for the bus? Better that I'm walking than pay for that bullshit. I'd rather not bookend every day with a bitter ride on the OC.

The garbage house on my street caught fire last night. My BH woke me up at 5am to tell me about it. I don't know why he was still awake, but I guess the commotion eventually woke up the whole block. Several fire trucks and cop cars. This house has a never ending stream of garbage coming out of it; every week something new pops up on the lawn. There is still an organ on the porch from sometime in December. When I walked by this morning, the house looked like it had puked a bonfire. Melted recycling bins and everything. Slumlords and terrible tenants - what a bad combination.

I am interested in getting a Mac, but I am not interested in getting an iPod. My MP3 player of choice does not work on a Mac. This is causing me to stick with the old computer and old MP3 player until I reach a solution. I get the feeling that this standoff may never end, however, which makes me panic every time something new breaks. I don't even have a terribly rational reason for not wanting an iPod... I just happen to hate them. Weird.

Well! That was enlightening. Remind me to do something wild before posting here again, lest I kill you all with boredom.


Hannah said...

I hear ya on OC Transpo! Its run by morons. And the "garbage house" caught fire last night? Doesn't sound boring to me! ;)